What is up and what is good world! My name is Dominique and this is my blog page! I am super excited about this page,but to start off i just want to give you all 10 cool/interesting facts about me 🙂

  1. I am a twin! Believe it or not, yes i am a twin, but no we look nothing alike… we just look related. She looks like she could be 24 while i look roughly 16. But she is great ❤

2 Cartoons give me LIFE. I love cartoons especially Teen Titans Go (many people hate the show because they feel its insulting to the original Teen Titans, but the comedic angle of the show makes it sooo much more enjoyable to watch in my opinion).

3. I love pizzas and salads…. not together of course.

4. I am an OrchDork (Orchestra Dork). I play an instrument called the viola. It’s pretty much a bigger sized violin with the strings of a cello, but the strings are much smaller and shorter in length. its the “Perfectly imperfect instrument”.. i love it 🙂

(Scene from an Amanda Byrnes movie)

5. To carry on with #4, i have been playing my viola in orchestras, symphonies and chamber groups for about 7-8 years. Performing all across north and central Florida.

6.Also to carry on with  #4, ever since the 3rd grade, i have only gone to magnet/arts schools; which is where i studied music.( My highschool even won 2 Grammys for their high level music education and intensive arts study…. they are gooooood)

7.  I love shoes. I rather buy a pair of shoes than to buy groceries. I might starve, but atleast my kicks are FIRE!!

(Scene from vine)

8. I absolutely hate the sound of styrofoam rubbing together. It is THE WORST noise i have ever heard in my life. My parents would tell me ever since i was a baby, i would make the most vile faces and cringe to the sound… i still do hahaha

9. Phones are the best thing that has ever been created.I honestly do not know how i functioned without one before. They are so convenient and multipurposeful. Theirs literally so much a phone can do and be used for, its ridiculous .

10. #TeamiPhone #TeamApple 🙂



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