My thoughts on “Are you there God? Its me Margaret.”by Judy Blume

Welcome back to my blog everybody! Today, i’m back to tell you all about this adorable book I read this week, and my thoughts and opinions on it. I wanted to start this years’ readings off pretty light, and whats lighter than Judy Blume. Blume was (and probably still is) one of the most well know children’s and young adults author.She’s written plenty of great books from : Blubber, Forever and Just as Long as We’re together. All of those books i remember reading once before when i was much younger. So, due to my past experience with reading Judy Blume, I thought id start off with a book i’ve never read before ,but continues to be a big hype and also caught my eye on the shelf. That book is Are you there God? its me Margaret (171 pages). Its about a 12-year old girl named Margaret who lives her life as young preteen while dealing with her religion in the process.



I absolutely ejoyed this reading.It was such an authentic capture of the life of youth. It was filled with what i call “petty drama”, but it’s what we all went through as preteens. From cool friendship groups, boy crushing, to family drama. This book had it all. As i read it,i felt as if i was reliving my middle school days. In the book our main character Margaret tries to get accustomed to the start of her new life  in New Jersey. She lives there with her Mom and Dad and her grandmother, who she loves, comes to visit every now and then. There she becomes friends with her new neighbor Nancy who invites her to be a part of her 4-girl friends group called the “Pre Teen Sensatgions” (PTS’s). But the group was more of a mini sorority in my opinion. They had mandatory meetings once a week, kept a book of boy crushes, had to wear a bra, and was sworn to tell each other everything about their first period experience. They were the “mean girl” of their time. All obsessive about their breast; who had the biggest boobs? who wore the biggest bra?. They were so obsessed that they come up with this workout that they practice at their meetings. 50 reps of “We must– we must– we must increase our bust”. They were children who were trying to be what they say in the play boy magazines and becoming women.


But while Margaret had all of that on her plate, she also had to deal with her religion . Throughout the book she would have these little talks with God. To Margret, God was someone she could talk to when she couldn’t talk to anyone else about the things she witnessed and were going through. Although she dosen’t believe in a religion, and struggles with it all through the book, she comes to God to ask him to “fix” her to make her what she takes as normal. Like bigger breast and to start her period. With her dad being Jewish and mom being Christian, she was never brought up in either one. So she gets to experience God in her own way,which I though was awesome. Of course, it was hard for her due to family and friends beliefs, but she makes God a friend figure that she can trust and believe in. In my opinion, she makes her own little religion that she was comfortable with and that makes Margaret such a unique character. All while helping her journey to find herself. I do believe Blume did a really great job at capturing all of the awkward and sensitive young pre-teen moments that we all had to go through that helped form us into the adults we are today.

I hope you all enjoyed my book review.:)





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