It’s Monday! What am I reading??

As you can see, ITS MONDAY!! The most dreaded, sluggish, slowest day of the week, but today is the day you guys find out what im reading :)) exciting, right? But before I talk about that, lets have a quick talk about what my week has brung.

1st off, young Domo is sick! I have been cursed with the touch of sickness thanks to my wonderful friends and family. I was the only survivor the past couple weeks while they were in bed melting away their disease, I was out having fun living life. But my friend Karma never lets me get away lol. But I’m feeling a lot better thanks to my other good friends Dayquil and NightQuil.


(p.s. I LOVE this show Rabbids Invasion, its the funniest thing since SpongeBob lol )


BUT!… on a positive note, I found a $20 bill on my way to CVS, so the week is looking up for me 🙂 #FeelingRich



Now onto my book of the week. This week I started reading “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time” by Mark Haddon. I have read about 100 of the 226 pages)


” Learn then from this story not to fear the fruits of the past, but rather to be circumspect in the future, that those foul passions whereby our family has suffered so grievously may not again be loosed to our undoing” – Sir Authur Conan Doyle

This reading is about a young 15-year-old boy named Christopher John Francis Boone who discovers the body of his neighbodrs poodle Wellington on their front lawn with a golden fork through it. He takes it in his hands to uncover the mystery of who killed the dog. Now, within the first couple of pages that I have read, it seems to be a pretty interesting read. Our main character Christopher, but I call Chris for short, lives with autism, but despite his disorder uses his smart brain to crack the mystery that he made his own. But, within the first couple of mini chapters I have read, Chris get arrested for hitting a police officer due to misunderstanding. Bus dispite his disorder, he is a really smart kid. Hes writing a book and even knows all the prime numbers up to 7057. I am very excited to see what the rest of the book brings and how it wil end. Will he figure out who killed the dog in the night-time. 🙂

Stay tuned to next weeks blog where ill do a full book review, hope you all enjoy. Signing out- Dom



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