Who killed the dog??

Ayye yooo! Welcome back to the blog. Its been a small minute since my last blog book review, so here I am, back with another 🙂

So, as some of you know in my last review I talked about my thoughts on the Judy Blume novel “Are You There God Its Me Margarett“. So, I thought to my self, “hey Dom! You should totally continue on this children’s novel journey you’ve started, because children are so imaginative and interesting .” So, in this weeks book review i’m going to be discussing my thought and feelings on  Mark Haddons 221 page novel of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime“. Little did I know, there was a Broadway production of this novel which made me want to read the book even more! It got many great reviews and according to Ben Brantely of the New York Times, it was  “One of the most fully immersive works ever to wallop Broadway.” Sadly, the production was back in 2014, but the reading of the novel itself fully complied with the critics quote of the Broadway showing.

book-cover            bw-playbill

(p.s. here I added a short clip of the productions from the 2015 Tony Awards Show)

This reading is about a smart, young 15-year-old boy named Christopher John Francis Boone who discovers the body of his neighbors poodle Wellington on their front lawn with a golden fork through it. Being a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, he takes it in his hands to become the detective and uncover the mystery of who killed the dog.  Christopher (who I like to call Chris for short) lives with autism, but despite his disorder uses his smart brain to try and crack the mystery that he made his own. While trying to uncover this mystery, he begins to come across many secrets between his parents and neighbors. As you go throughout the story, it reveals that its not really about the incident of the murdered dog, but a story of Christopher’s life and how his thoughts and mind processes with autism.

Also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk. -Christopher Boone (5.2)

Haddon does a great job writing the novel to help us as reader really get in tune with our characters brain and to feels and what he is experiencing. It makes the novel somewhat harder to read and  understand due to the writing style being in the first person narrative of Chris. But is all worth it because it adds an extra level of dept and emotion. The plot of the novel was very well written and in my eyes very dramatic. It goes from a smaller issue of the murdered dog to a much bigger and significant issue that Chris unfolds in his trail of investigation. I don’t want to give away and spoilers and big plot twist, but I will say this book is a must read. #RollerCoasterOfEmotions



But those were my thoughts on this weeks novel. I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for the next book review coming soon 🙂






One thought on “Who killed the dog??

  1. I love the Gif, I haven’t seen that show in I don’t even know how many years. And the book review was really cool. I love when books become broadway so I’ll definitely read this book pretty much as soon as I can. Cool review (:


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