Happy Monday and Happy Presidents Day!! Its your girl Dom back at it again with a quick review on my book for the week. So lets hop to it.

As you all may know by now, i love children’s literature. Theirs a lot of great things to be learned in those writings. So this week I’m and reading Monster by the award wining writer Walter Dean Myers. In this writing Walter gives us street realness.


I haven’t gotten very far in the novel yet, just a couple chapters deep, but what i have read has been absolutely mind boggling. The main character Steve Harmon is a tough 16 year old boy from Harlem, who gets caught up in the gang life. Caught up in the trouble of the streets, he get 25 years in prison and it is everything but a dream for him. Steve begins to write this novel about his experience in jail and he calls it “Monster”, which is what the prosecutors call him.He quickly relives that jail isn’t for him. Its not a fantasy or dream, its real. In the first chapter he witnessed an inmate get bashed in the face with a lunch tray. It turns into a blood fest and the guards come in and calls order. Jail is like bad reality show that no one should ever enlist them self in.



Just from the first couple chapter i have read, i am super excited to finish the novel and see what our Monster goes through next. But that’s all for today folks, those are my thoughts and i hope to see you back here next week when i do a compete book review. See ya next week -Dom

It’s funny, but when I’m sitting in the courtroom, I don’t feel like I’m involved in the case. It’s like the lawyers and the judge and everybody are doing a job that involves me, but I don’t have a role. (5.2) -Steve Harmon



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