Am I a Monster?

Welcome back crew! It’s another Monday here in Florida, so that means it time for another book review. As some of you might know from my IMWRYR post, the book I have just finished is Monster by Walter Dean Myers. So lets go talk about that ūüôā


First off, I just want to point out this book was probably the most realistic, emotional, heart felt book I have read.

giphy-gif4 giphy-gif2


Although yes, it is a narrative fiction, it is based off of real stories and its so true-to-life. Monster was a great read. The books is about a young 16 year old boy named Steve Harmon¬†who is on trial for¬†the murder of a corner store clerk while in the midst of a store robbery. While on trial, Steve keep a person journal to white down his experiences while being in jail, and also writes a screen play. He is presented my his¬†defense attorney ¬†named¬†O’Brian, who is trying to help the jury see him as a¬†person and not a “monster” that they and other people see him as.¬†The novel is written all in the eyes of Steve and we live his life along with him.

*From here on out, I will be talking about the ending of the Novel which could spoil it for readers. But it is a big moment that deserves discussing*

I have¬†many love-hate feelings about the conclusion. It was¬†a great moment in the novel to read that Steve was found innocent when faced with¬†a 25 years to life sentence for 1st¬†degree murder.¬†But as he stands in joy and goes to hug his defense attorney, she turns away and leaves Harmon with his arms wide open to embrace and empty hug. At that moment all that Harmon has been working for was completely tossed in the trash by the one person who was supposed to be the number one person on his side. Through out the novel all Steve’s goal was, yes to not be seen a guilty in the court, but no to be seen as a monster in the eyes of the people. It hurt me. It made me think, wow, not even someone who is paid to fight and believe you 101%, will still see you as the “monster”. Here I bring in a short clip of Walter Dean Myers¬†discussing the novel.¬†He talks about how the novel stirred up so¬†much passion, and the ending is what was meant to¬†shake the readers. And how the ending isn’t always predictable and pretty, and I think he expressed that in a great way. It¬†builds sentiment and emotion¬†that I believe everyone could experience¬†in the novel.

I just wanted to do the right thing. You know, like a good citizen. (4.57) – Steve Harmon



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