Brave New World Book Review

Welcome back!! Dom is back at it again with yet another book review. Todays review is going to be of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. It has 259 pages of absolute creative nonsense. But without without further or-do, lets get into it.



This novel was a very interesting one. Its about a group of “civilized” people who have created their own society where they mass produce babies in an assembly line and train them to  do anything but what their government has told them to do. The are pretty much tortured to be happy.. (well the government’s term of happy). Consume a drug called “Soma” to make them forget how unhappy they really are. And sex… lots and lots of sex.


The story follows this main character Bernard who isn’t like the rest of them. he actually had a family and came from a mother. He meets a woman names Lalina who he falls in love with and tried to get her to come back with him to regular civilization. So refuses to go, so he goes alone where he meets these natives who are called “the savages”. While he is there he meets a guy named john who he takes back to London where falls in love with Lalina, looses his mind when his mom dies and he pops a whole lot of Soma pills then goes crazy. Later Bernard gets exiled while John stays back because they want to know more about this experiment. After being fed up with this new system, John locks himself in a lighthouse tower to try to separate himself from the rest of this weird group of civilization. While in the lighthouse, he begins to beat and torture himself. While doing so a guy sees him torturing himself and takes a picture and tells everyone in civilization. Everyone comes over, including Lalina, to see what they cant believe. While they are there John sees Lalina and begins to call her dirty names and starts to beat her with the whip. As the crowd sees this they get super anxious and horny and begins to pop their “happy pill” and start screaming “Orgy Porgy”. One thing leads to another and everyone in the crowd begins to have a gigantic orgy .After that night Jon realizes there is nothing he can do to change the world he lives in, so he hangs himself to take way his misery.


“Christianity with out tears”- Huxley(210)

The book brings to part a question of if it is better to be free or better to be happy. We see this question through John who got to live both the civilized and uncivilized world where he is pretty much hates both. His emotions and love get the best of him which causes him to take his life in the end. Being what the whole “brave new world” was supposed to save them from. To live according to the government rules and get strung out on drugs so you wont feel the pain of a real life although both words pose their own problems. This shows how their is no perfect world and no one lives a perfect life, but if you can be happy in what your in, that is all that matters…. well atleast that’s what I got out of it. Let me know what you guys think about the happy vs. free debate. Until next time, peace. -Dom

*Fun sidenote* I was doing a little research of the novel and apparently there was a TV production made back in 1980. Which I though was really cool, so here I added the link to the 3-hour long production. It is a little lengthy, but it is a pretty cool.


571 words


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