It’s Monday, lets talk about what im reading ^_^

Good morning world and everyone in it! Its about 11:16am on this beautiful Monday morning in the Sunshine State. Since it is Monday, lets talk about what i’ve been reading reading 🙂


For the past week, i have been reading a book called Push written by Sapphire with roughly 177 of hard life. The main character Clarieece  Jones (better known as Precious) is a young 16-year old African American girl who’s life isn’t treating here too well. Shes lives with her abusive mom, pregnant with her second child from rape of her father and still in junior high. Her first child has down syndrome and is in the car of her grandmother. Her schools notices her pregnancy and believes it will be better for her to go to a different school that can help her get her GED and graduate. Although at first Precious is infuriated, he counselor come to her home to help motivate her to go.There she grows a relationship with her teacher Ms. Rain who helps young women gain reading and writing skills. She makes all of her student keep a journal and write about their life which they call “Life Stories”.  Going though her physically, emotionally, and mentally abuse life, Precious is a very strong individual from what i can tell so far. Giving the rough life she is in, she continues to push for life  even though it may be hard. She has lots of dreams and big wishes like being in a BET music video, and finding her perfect light skinned boyfriend that will take her from her misery of life at home.

200w_d         200w_d (1)


Although i have only read about 80 pages of the novel, every page is a touches my heart. It makes me want to jump in the book and help Precious fight off her demons that continue to drag her down.  I have lots of care for her and am excited to see how she will end her story.

*FUN FACT* Push has been made into a Grammy Award Winning movie called Precious. Presented by famous screen writers and actors Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. It is a phenomenal Motion picture. Here I left a link for the trailer of the film. Enjoy 🙂

Depression is anger turned inward- Sapphire (3)

Until next time, this is Dom signing out. Peace



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