Push by Sapphire

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome back classmates and people all around. This is the last assigned blog of the semester and I am actually pretty sad about it. But as always, I will continue to read and enjoy my adventures in books. But without further do, here goes my final book review 🙂


I have been reading a book called Push written by Sapphire with roughly 177 pages of rough life. The main character Clarieece  Jones (better known as Precious) is a young 16-year old African American girl who’s life isn’t treating here too well. She lives with her abusive mom, pregnant with her second child from rape of her father and still in junior high. Her first child has down syndrome and is in the care of her grandmother. Her schools notices her pregnancy and believes it will be better for her to go to a different school that can help her get her GED and graduate. There she grows a relationship with her teacher Ms. Rain who helps young women gain reading and writing skills. She makes all of her student keep a journal and write about their life which they call “Life Stories”. Throughout the novel, Precious is constantly faced with abuse from her alcoholic mom who continues to kills her confidence and never allows her to be her own person. They get into many arguments and her mother even dropped a tv on her…. (yeah their relationship isn’t the best). But throughout the novel, Precious deals with her hard life while accepting help from the people around her like Ms. Rain and social workers. She sees learning as an escape from her rough life tries to get better everyday.

The book was pretty difficult to read due to the writing style. Saying how she is very illiterate, it is phonetically weird to read because its writing how would speak and write. It is a very graphic book in her giving indept details of her life and experiences. Following her through her physically, emotionally, and mentally abuse life, Precious is a very strong individual from what I have read Giving the rough life she is in, she continues to push for life  even though it may be hard. She has lots of dreams and big wishes like being in a BET music video, and finding her perfect light skinned boyfriend that will take her from her misery of life at home. In  the end, she continues on her life getting better at learning and starting a free life of her own.


As most may know, Push was made into a Grammy award winning film call “Precious”. It is a fantastic film that I think presents the novel fairly well. Here I embedded a trailer for anyone interested or have never seen the movie before. Enjoy 🙂

437 words

“Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers: “Grow, Grow”.” -Sapphire


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